Marketing translation

Marketing translations that boost your brand image abroad

Company or product brochures, SEO-optimised texts for websites, white papers, case studies, testimonials, newsletters, invitations to customer events, annual reports or press releases.

Marketing documentation is an essential way of promoting your product or service. We at Tradas have mastered the art of producing high-impact marketing translations that build up a clear and consistent brand image worldwide, both online and offline. This service is provided quickly and efficiently, as we are only too aware of the importance of deadlines for your business. We also take into account local sensitivities and cultural differences between your target groups.

High-quality marketing translations guarantee you a competitive edge, an excellent market position and a greater impact on your global target groups.

Marketing translations for printed and digital publications

Our translators and copywriters not only boast excellent writing skills, but are also plugged into the spirit of your company and your business. They adapt their marketing translations to the channel used: online or print. These two publication channels call for quite a different approach. Our website translation services are therefore driven by a sound technical and linguistic approach that applies the best practices in the field of SEO, exploits the latest technologies and integrates this type of translation into your content management system (CMS). Your product brochures also stand to benefit from our marketing translation services.  Drawing on their technical knowledge, our translators adapt your brochure before we deliver it to you in the original InDesign format.
At Tradas, we believe in brainstorming together to provide you with tailor-made marketing translations in line with your brand image and/or style guide.

A fast and flexible marketing translation

We do not only vouch for the quality of our translations, but also guarantee a fast and flexible service. Our translators have the proficiency to quickly respond to urgent press release translation requests, but thanks to their grasp of marketing and their creative flair, they are also perfectly capable of translating annual reports and handling quantitative/economic data. For us, responding quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs is up there among our top priorities.

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