Technical translation

Technical translation supported by our experts and the very best CAT tools

Specifications, user or training manuals, product descriptions, safety instructions, datasheets and more.

Your technical documentation is inseparable from your product to ensure its optimal and safe use. As international guidelines require you to constantly update these documents to guarantee the safety of users, you need a reliable partner, sensitive to their importance.

In addition to selecting translators for your industry, we take your terminological preferences into account and analyse your reference documentation to build translation memories or multilingual glossaries using Computer Assisted Translation tools. This gives you the guarantee of quality content and means you will get your documents translated within the deadline, at an affordable price.

Find out why CAT tools deliver significant return on investment.


CAT tools and your return on investment


  • Your guarantee for terminological consistency
  • CAT tools bring human linguistic talent and technical processes together to create a perfect translation


  • Fewer words for you to finance
  • During the DTP process, the need to copy and paste text for each target language is eliminated

Flexibility/Faster delivery

  • Easy handling of different publishing formats (prepress, web, print: Office, .html, .xml, .rc, .INDD, .fm …)
  • Shortened production cycles
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