Website translation services

Linguistic and technical support for all your website translations

A website with great graphics and translated to perfection? The website translation services offered by Tradas are a natural extension of your digital marketing team and we have the necessary linguistic and technical support in-house to meet your expectations. We adopt the tone that matches your business, adapt the translation to local markets and work in any cultural sensitivities and differences. Perfectly translated into different languages, your message is stronger, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Translators familiar with your organisation, your field and SEO

All our translators and copywriters have far-reaching experience in translating websites, have an excellent online communication style and do more than just translate. They plug into the very spirit of your business, brainstorm with you and produce the right translations for your website, perfectly in tune with your audience. This guarantees you powerful web texts that are at one with your target group and in line with your corporate identity. The translations of your website have the same impact in every language.

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The perfect technical support for your web team

Translating websites is one thing, working closely with your web team and integrating the texts into your content management system (CMS) is another.
But this is something we have mastered to perfection. Our approach ensures that the translations are perfectly integrated into your CMS. We respect your source code and/or look for ideal solutions together with you. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or another CMS? We have far-ranging experience with several systems and can therefore guarantee you an optimal result. Not only will you benefit from a pitch-perfect translation, but your web team will also see efficiency and productivity gains, even for simple updates to your site. What’s more, you will have directly integrated translations for an acceptable budget.

Website translation services that hit just the right spot

At Tradas, we do more than just translate your website. We can of course handle standard formats (.html, .xml), but we also support other formats, such as databases or .NET or Java applications. We can also handle graphic and multimedia content such as Flash and video without any problems. In short, Tradas does the brainstorming with you and takes out all the stops to support your web team.

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